The West Virginia Division of Financial Institutions regulates a number of activities conducted by financial institutions operating within the State of West Virginia. These activities include, but are not limited to, chartering of new state chartered banking institutions, establishment of branch banking offices, merger of certain banking institutions, establishment of automated teller machines, interstate banking, and establishment of loan production offices.

Information provided in this area is not intended to be complete and users should always consult with legal counsel. Applications relating to activities in this section may require additional forms and information from other state or federal regulatory agencies. Each application submitted will be reviewed by the staff of the West Virginia Division of Financial Institutions and then submitted to the Commissioner of Banking and/or the West Virginia Board of Banking and Financial Institutions for review. Questions or comments should be directed to the Division of Financial Institutions staff.

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Bank Charter
Charter Conversion
Denovo Branch
P & A Branch
Office Relocation Main Office or Branch
Interstate Merger To establish a branch
Bank Mergers Within West Virginia
Bank ATM
Bank LPO