The West Virginia Division of Financial Institutions provides mediation of complaints against financial institutions under its regulatory authority. Institutions supervised by this agency include: state chartered banks, state chartered credit unions, regulated consumer lenders (generally known as finance companies), second mortgage lenders and brokers, companies engaged in currency exchange, transmission and transportation known as money transmitters, and supervised financial institutions.

National banks, federal credit unions, federal savings and loans, federal savings banks and first mortgage lenders are not within the scope of our regulatory authority. Please refer to the RESOURCES or the FAQ sections of this website to locate the proper regulatory authority to contact regarding matters involving those institutions.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not within our lawful authority to conduct investigations leading to findings of fact, forgery and/or fraud issues, or provide any type of legal assistance with respect to a matter that involves a financial institution not under our supervision.

It is our policy that complaints must be submitted in written form so that we may have your written permission and direction to inquire into the account related to the complaint and better respond to your concerns. Below you will find our consumer complaint form. Feel free to download, copy, or reproduce this form as needed. Fill in the form with as much detail as possible, sign and forward your complaint and copies of any supporting documentation to the address provided in the form. Be sure to send copies, not your original documents.  

We will begin addressing your complaint within approximately two weeks of receipt of your completed complaint form.

Consumer Complaint Form