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Bank Applications

Information provided sets forth the West Virginia Division of Financial Institutions’s chartering and licensing information for a number of regulated depository institutions. This information should be supplemented by statutory information and legal counsel where appropriate. Comments or questions should be directed to the Division of Financial Institutions staff.

Applications and information submitted to the West Virginia Division of Financial Institutions may be subject to review by the West Virginia Board of Banking and Financial Institutions, the Commissioner of Banking and by the Division’s staff. A number of the application procedures included in this section require additional forms that must be obtained from federal regulators as well. The scope of analysis and procedures established are unique for each application or charter type and should be reviewed comprehensively before submitting such documents for approval.


Pursuant to the West Virginia State Code, the Division of Financial Institutions charters and regulates institutions engaged in the business of taking deposits and shares.

Only institutions properly chartered to conduct banking or credit union business under the laws of the United States or any state, territory, district or possession thereof may be authorized to accept deposits or shares in the State of West Virginia. In West Virginia, such institutions include: banks, savings banks, savings and loan associations and credit unions.

While bank holding companies are not considered to be deposit taking entitites, they have been included in this category as they own and control deposit taking institutions.

Banking institutions chartered in West Virginia are regulated under the laws of the United States and the State Banking Code. The State Banking Code may be found in the West Virginia Code Chapter 31A.

Credit Unions chartered in West Virginia are regulated under the laws of the United States and Chapter 31C of the West Virginia State Code.

Please select one of the following depository institutions for additional information:
Bank Holding Company Information 
Bank Information
Credit Union Information

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