Bank Mergers within WV

West Virginia state chartered financial institutions may merge or consolidate with another like financial institution. If the surviving financial institution will be a West Virginia state chartered bank, the application must be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and receive the prior approval of the West Virginia Board of Banking and Financial Institutions.

The following document is available to provide information for Bank Merger Applicants.

WV State Bank Merger Process

Under Legislative Rule 106 CSR 12, All applications shall include the current Community Reinvestment Act statement required pursuant to the Federal Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and related regulations issued thereunder. For all applications requiring approval, the applicants shall, in conjunction with public notice and publication requirements of the Federal Reserve Board or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, include in the notice the following statement:

"The public is also invited to submit written comments regarding this application to the West Virginia Board of Banking and Financial Institutions. Write Commissioner of Banking, 900 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 306, Charleston, West Virginia  25302."

If a state-chartered bank member bank will result, an application to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System is required. Application forms may be obtained from the Federal Reserve Bank of the District in which the surviving bank is located. If a state-chartered non-member bank will result, filing instructions may be obtained by contacting the Atlanta Regional Office of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation at (404) 817-1300. Application forms submitted to the primary federal regulator must also be submitted in duplicate original to the West Virginia Division of Financial Institutions. The Interagency Bank Merger Act Application may be found at

The West Virginia Board of Banking and Financial Institutions meets quarterly on the second Monday in March, June, September and December to take action on pending applications. In order to be considered, applications should be submitted for review by the staff at least 45 days but not more than 90 days prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.