Main Office or Branch Relocation

Pursuant to Chapter 31A-8-12(e) of the West Virginia State Code, the main office or a branch of a West Virginia state banking institution may not be relocated without the approval by order of the commissioner.

Upon the filing of the Division of Financial Institutions’s form entitled "Notice to Relocate a Main Office or Branch ," a state chartered banking institution may apply to relocate a branch or main office within the same market. Such notice is also subject to compliance with the West Virginia Community Reinvestment Act. Please refer to the General Rules Implementing the West Virginia Community Reinvestment Act for additional information.

The Commissioner of Financial Institutions shall act upon the notice within 30 days of its written acceptance by the staff of the West Virginia Division of Financial Institutions. The Commissioner’s decision with regard to the relocation will be provided to the bank in the form of a formal written Order.

An application to relocate the main office or branch must also be filed with either the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or appropriate Federal Reserve Bank. For FDIC filing requirements, you may contact the Atlanta Regional Office at (404) 817-1300 or if the bank is a member of the Federal Reserve System, contact the appropriate Federal Reserve Bank.