Interstate Merger


Effective May 31, 1997, an out of state bank may establish a branch by merger in West Virginia upon compliance with the West Virginia State Banking Code Chapter 31A, Article 8D, Section 4.

Notice Process To Be Followed By An Out Of State Banking Institution To Establish A West Virgina Branch Office By Merger, refer to document:
WV Interstate Merger Notice Process

Notice of Intent to Establish a Branch within West Virginia through Interstate Merger with a West Virginia Bank, refer to document:
WV Interstate Merger Notice Form

The completed notice form and necessary documentation should be submitted to this office at the time the application is filed with the bank's primary federal regulator. If submitting an application/notice from a state which does not yet have a statute in effect regarding interstate merger, please note that we will not accept an application or notice form until such date as the other state's laws permit branching by interstate merger.